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Wrecked plane

We will give you a short description of our game Vumilia City. Vumilia city was developed on august 11th 2016. The game was developed to simulate a soldier who has just returned back from a peace keeping mission and has nothing but a pistol


He had some prior information that his city had turned into an apocalypse. People in Vumilia had turned into zombies. He has to stay alive to be able to get to the scientist’s house. The scientist’s was working on the virus before it broke loose. Finally to our soldier ‘Kibet’ there might be some sign of life in the city.

You need to find the scientist’s lab and his research. There may be an antidote to be immune to the virus. Along your journey to find the Scientist’s lab you will discover weapons to aid you in your mission.

Try out the game today. It will be worth your time. The charges are as following:

  • $2.5
  • Kshs 250
  • person holding black game controller
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  • E£ 44.77
  • € 2.21
  • ‎GH₵ 12.12
  • £ 1.95
  • R 35.87

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